The Art Center of the National United University is established by the school organization regulation 5th chapter of 18th, the establishment objective lies in the promote art education, raises the esthetic sense sentiment, and unifies the school and the community art culture, enriches our life.

The primary mission handles the academic year arts activities for the plan and coordinates with the school extracurricular activities section to handle the Lotus art season and many series activity etc, the goal lies in promoting the school teachers and students to understand arts, and reaches community promotion and service function.

This Lotus art season series activity, mainly divides into the static display and the dynamic performance, in the static display aspect, mainly have 3 items:

● The invitation exhibition: Invite artists to have international level primarily, and according to the display content, prints famous postcards and study.

● The application exhibition: Combine community art amateurs, provides a place to let them have an opportunity to perform, carries out the artistic community idea.

● The campus self- museum exhibition: Encourages the school colleague to diversity self- intelligences, establishes the self- museum, and shares the achievement the school and the community.

In dynamic performance aspect: The extracurricular activities section plans music, dance, and play performance and so on, for example the small solo recital, large concert, and each kind of stage play performance and so on. In addition, center attempts to plan large traditional performance, for example New Year's Day concert held for the first time in Miao Li, and invited Cloud Gate Dance Theatre to stay school and perform, all will become the special tradition of the domestic university.

Future the center development, will set up each humanities art the development operation and education, and will possess the active material database, provides school teachers and students and the community to use, achieves the goal which the school and the community will unify.